About Us

Welcome to Homeschool Canada.  

Homeschool Canada began in 2011 with Lee Fisher, who had a vision to help homeschool families from all across Canada connect with each other, and to provide a central place where people can find information about homeschooling in Canada.  She invited me, Deb, out for dinner one evening, and after jotting our ideas down on a napkin (ok, several napkins), we found ourselves burning the midnight oil doing domain name searches, and researching starting up a business.

From there, our name was registered, and after many hours finding online resources to put on our site, our website was launched.   

Fast forward to the spring of 2013.  This time we felt the need for a central place for people to buy and sell gently used curriculum.  So we made space in my home to house the inventory, and then we sent out emails to our local homeschool groups asking if anyone had curriculum to sell on consignment.  Homeschool families came from everywhere dropping off boxes full of goodies to sell.  We were so pleasantly overwhelmed, that we had to postpone our opening date just so we could catalog all of the items that came in.  Our online store was finally launched on August 21st, 2013.  

In 2014, Lee and her husband opened up a new business of their own, Langley Cheer & Athletics.  Soon, Lee began to feel the strain of keeping up with two businesses, and after a number of heart-to-heart conversations, we decided that I would carry on Homeschool Canada and she would pour her energy into her Langley Cheer & Athletics.

It has been a tremendous pleasure working with Lee, and I wish her the greatest success as she builds her cheer club.  We continue to be great friends and support each other wholeheartedly in each of our endeavors.  

Thank you for visiting Homeschool Canada.  Make yourself comfortable and have a look around the site.  If you are looking for information about homeschooling in your province, click Homeschool Information by Province and find your province.  If you are looking for great quality, new or gently used curriculum, click Shop and have a browse.  Please note, all gently used items are a final sale, with the exception ONLY of CDs and DVD.  These items have a 7 day return policy, and ONLY if they do not work in your computer.  All CDs and DVDs are tested in my computer to make sure they work, but I respect the fact that they may not work in all operating systems.  Please be sure to test them within 7 days of receiving them.  New products have a 7 day return policy.  

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at support@homeschoolcanada.ca.