• A Christmas to Remember - Tales of Comfort and Joy

  • Find out what's happened in the lives of your favourite Dear Canada girls in this special collection of eleven original heartwarming tales of Christmas.

    Table of Contents

    “Untangling Christmas” by Jean Little, featuring Fiona Macgregor from If I Die Before I Wake.

    “An Unexpected Visitor” by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, featuring Anya Soloniuk from Prisoners in the Promised Land.

    “Something That Matters” by Carol Matas, featuring Devorah Bernstein from Turned Away.

    “These Three Gifts” by Maxine Trottier, featuring Geneviève Aubuchon from The Death of My Country.

    “When War Hits Home” by Julie Lawson, featuring Charlotte Blackburn from No Safe Harbour.

    “Reading Henry” by Sarah Ellis, featuring Flora Rutherford from Days of Toil and Tears.

    “The Daft Days of Christmas” by Julie Lawson, featuring Jenna Sinclair from Where the River Takes Me.

    “Shirley Goodness” by Perry Nodelman, featuring Sally Cohen from Not a Nickel to Spare.

    “A Time to Rebuild” by Maxine Trottier, featuring Josephine Bouvier from Blood Upon Our Land.

    “Like a Stack of Spoons” by Jean Little, featuring Eliza Bates from Brothers Far From Home.

    “Singing a Prayer” by Karleen Bradford, featuring Julia May Jackson from A Desperate Road to Freedom.

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