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Number the Stars
Number the StarsIngram Book Company
In stock, 13 units
The Displacement of Native Peoples
Underground to Canada
Righting Canada's Wrongs: Residential Schools
Child Soldier : When Boys and Girls are Used in War
Making Bombs for Hitler
Making Bombs for HitlerScholastic
In stock, 8 units
Fatty Legs
From $12.95
Fatty LegsUTP
In stock, 10 units
Every Human Has Rights
Canadian Flyer: Hurry, Freedom
Canadian Flyer: Hurry, FreedomUTP
In stock, 12 units
What Does It mean to be Global?
Stolen Child
Stolen ChildScholastic
In stock, 8 units
For the Right to Learn: Malala Yousafzai's Story
Underground Soldier
Underground SoldierScholastic
In stock, 12 units
Shannen and the Dream for a School
Elijah of Buxton
Elijah of BuxtonScholastic
4 units left
When I Was Eight
When I Was EightUTP
In stock, 12 units
Don't Tell the Enemy
Don't Tell the EnemyScholastic
In stock, 11 units
Righting Canada's Wrongs Resource Guide
American Girl: A Girl Named Rosa
Global Issues - Equal Opportunities
Amos Fortune, Free Man
Speaking our Truth
Speaking our TruthOrca
5 units left
What Does It Mean to Be Kind?
Think Of Us
3 units left
What Does It Mean to Be Present?
My Chocolate Bar and Other Foods
On Our Street
On Our StreetOrca
2 units left
Stepping Stones
Stepping StonesOrca
4 units left

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