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Bubble Homes and Fish Farts
Canada Close Up: Canada Recycles
Canada Close Up: Canada's Arctic Animals
Canada Close Up: Canada's Dinosaurs
Canada Close Up: Canada's Rocks and Minerals
Canada Close Up: Canadian Celebrations
Canadian Currciulum ScienceSmart 5
Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart Grades 2-3
Canadian Curriculum SummerSmart Grades K-1
Canadian Daily STEM Activities Grade 2
Canadian Daily STEM Activities Grade 3
Canadian Daily STEM Activities Grade 4
Canadian Daily STEM Activities Grade 5
Canadian Daily STEM Activities Grade 6
Captain Aquatica's Awesome Ocean
Cat Breed Guide
Catapults & Crossbows
Cells (Grades 5-8)
Cells, Tissues, Organs & Systems
Change it!  Solids, Liquids, Gases and You
Chemical World: Science in our Daily Lives
Chemistry C500
Chemistry Resource Book (Grade 6-12)
Chemistry Wrap Up Keys
Complete ScienceSmart 8
Crayola! The Secrets of the Cool Colors and Hot Hues
Curious George: A Home for Honeybees
Daily Science Grade 1
Daily Science Grade 1Evan-Moor
In stock, 10 units
Daily Science Grade 2
Daily Science Grade 4
Daily Science Grade 4Evan-Moor
In stock, 6 units
Daily Science Grade 5
Daily Science Grade 5Evan-Moor
In stock, 12 units
Daily Science Grade 6
Daily Science Grade 6Evan-Moor
In stock, 13 units
Day and Night
Deep Roots
Deep RootsOrca
4 units left
Deer and Pheasant 500 Piece Puzzle
Deluxe Magnifier 90mm Diameter
DinosaursProfessor Noggin's
In stock, 14 units
Discover Canadian Wildlife - playing cards
Discover Dinosaurs - playing cards
Dive In!
Dive In!Orca
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