• Storyboarding with Norma Jean

  • A writing workbook such as this is the kind of thing that this Teacher-Mum was looking for…kinda fun, creative, and most of all…IT WORKS! This STORYBOARD method, for Middle Grade, is quite truly how our first book, Norma Jean and the Mystery of the Suitcase in the Ditch was written…except we didn’t use the dining room table or the kitchen counter, no…WHAT’S THE FUN IN THAT? We stuck our sticky notes with relish and abandonment across the top of one of those fabulous pieces of cardboard that Costco places between their stacks of toilet paper. We organized the book, then we went to the washroom and said, “It is well with my soul…and the book is awesome.” So, now…after all these years, and after working many years as a Court Recorder for the Feds (someone had to pay for their education!) this Teacher-Mum finally has time to get ‘er done. And done it is.
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