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Red (Colours & Me)
Ruby Bridges Goes to School: My True Story
Sam at the Seaside
Sam Gets Lost
Sam Gets LostKids Can Press
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So Cool!  Leopards
So Cute!  Koalas
Squirrels (Life Cycles)
Sunflowers (Life Cycles)
The 4-1-1 on Phones!
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The Best Thing About My Birthday
The Cat Who Ruled the Town
The Colorful Story of Comics
The Cool Story Behind Snow
The Deep Dish on Pizza!
The Explosive Story of Fireworks!
The High Score and Lowdown on Video Games!
The Innings and Outs of Baseball
The Peculiar Possum
The Peculiar PossumRaincoast
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The Scoop on Ice Cream!
The Stellar Story of Space Travel
The Sugary Secrets Behind Candy
The Superstar Story of the Harlem Globetrotters
The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate!
The Thrills and Chills of Amusement Parks
The Tricks and Treats of Halloween!
The Way the Cookie Crumbled
This Makes Me Angry
This Makes Me Happy
This Makes Me Jealous
This Makes Me Sad
This Makes Me Scared
This Makes Me Silly
True Colors! The Story of Crayola
Unmasking the Science of Superpowers!
What Do They Do with All That Poo?
What Happens To Our Trash?
What is the World Made Of?
What Makes a Magnet
What Will the Weather Be?
Where Does the Garbage Go?
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Why Do I Have Bones?
Why Do Leaves Change Color
Wiggling Worms at Work
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Yellow (Colours & Me)
You Should Meet...  Jesse Owens

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