• Bob Books Set 2: Advancing Beginners

  • The books in Bob Books Set 2 provide your new reader with more material at the beginning level.  These twelve stories in three- and four-letter words will build confidence through practice. Simple text combined with slightly longer stories build reading stamina. Elements of humor and surprise keep children’s interest high.

    Add Bob Books Set 2 to your collection for invaluable beginning reading practice.  Reading this foundation set ensures children have mastered basic phonics before they advance to consonant blends.

    Inside the box you'll find:

    ♦ 12 easy-to-read books, 16 pages each

    ♦ Mostly two and three letter words (C-V-C words)

    ♦ Can be "sounded out" (phonics based)

    ♦ Limited sight words

    ♦ 20 to 30 words per book

  • $19.99

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