• Explorers

  • From Africa to Antarctica, from Asia to America, and from past to present, learn about the trailblazers who discovered not just new lands, but new peoples and new ideas.

    Card Topics:

    The Age of Exploration
    John Cabot
    Jacques Cartier
    Samuel de Champlain
    Christopher Columbus
    Conquistadores and Bandeirantes
    James Cook
    Charles Darwin
    Encounters with Native Peoples
    Francis Drake
    Exploring Africa
    Exploring Australia
    John Franklin
    Henry Hudson
    Lewis and Clark

    Magellan's Expedition
    Marco Polo
    Mountain Explorers
    The North Pole
    The Northwest Passage & the Northeast Passage
    Polynesian Explorers
    River Explorers
    A Sailor's Life
    Ships and Boats
    Hernando de Soto
    The South Pole
    Space Exploration
    Underwater Exploration

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