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  • Becoming Beka: Book 4

    It's finally here.  Beka's senior year in high school.

    With her older brother away at college, and her younger sister, Lucy, starting as a freshman at Bragg County, Beka feels a lot of responsibility this year.  She's even the editor of the school newspaper.

    But some things never change.  Mai is as mean as ever and is cozying up to Lucy to get under Beka's skin.  And it's working.  Meanwhile, Mark can still make her heart melt with one of his killer smiles.  Her Dad is still hanging around the dreaded Gabby.  And Gretchen, well, maybe she has changed.  Since she got in trouble for the attack on Beka at the beach she seems almost... sad.

    The deadline for college applications is looming and Beka has no idea what she wants to do with her life.  So many decisions.  Even with Mark around, she still thinks about Josh off in Seattle.  She needs to write and perform a song for a class project.  Her best friend's family just might be falling apart.  And for some reason there's a limousine in the driveway.  Who's that for?

    Whoever said high school was easy, or boring, didn't have Beka's life.

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