• The Alliance

  • Becoming Beka: Book 2

    Stress.  Too much stress.

    When Beka heads back to school with a newfound faith, she expects some special feeling, some enlightenment, something different.  But what she feels is... nothing.  In fact, what she faces, with her first step in the door, is a series of tough choices.

    First, there's the demanding drama production where Gretchen, the most powerful and popular girl in school, has landed the lead.  For some reason Gretchen takes an interest in Beka, and Beka finds herself enjoying the popularity.  But Gretchen's attention comes with a price- a smear campaign against Beka's Christian friend, Lori.  Gretchen's fascination with the occult threatens to lure Beka into the dark web of tarot cards, crystals, and spells.

    Then there's Mark, who wants to spend time with Beka behind her father's back.  And the youth group her father wants her to join.  And the tension of winning back her siblings' and her father's trust.  Not to mention her studies. 

    It adds up to pressure and confusion Beka may be ill-equipped to handle.  Eventually she is forced into a decision about where her true loyalties lie.

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