• HyperLinkz Book 6: Road Blog

  • When the Websters leave Normal, Illinois, for a family holiday, Austin and Ashley get pulled right back into the World Wide Web - and this time, Mr. and Mrs. Webster get sucked inside the Internet, too!  What began as a relaxing getaway turns into a wacky road trip when they set out to find Lost Lake Resort.  Soon, the Websters are stumbling through a long lineup of lost links, like LostKitty-dot-com, the Lost Sea cave, a long-lost Inca city, and a lost round-the-world flight.

    Ah, but this is no vacation, any more!  Because the kids' old rival Mattie Blankenskrean and her assistant Mr. Z still want to wipe out truth on the Internet, and a final showdown with the two drags the whole Webster family into real danger.  Can the Websters escape Mattie and find their way back to Normal... before they're deleted for good?

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