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    Ginalina’s music is energetic and fun, sweet and sentimental, with an array of bluegrass, country, zydeco, modern folk, and west coast styles. Playful, engaging, and musically sophisticated to provide entertainment for the whole family.

    In all three of her albums, the major themes are family connections and nature. She is passionate about finding beauty in the ordinary moments and connecting people, one fun song at a time. She uses an array of country, bluegrass, west coast, zydeco, and folk music with honest, fun, and sweet lyrics to delight both children and adults.

    With talent across the country, Juno nominated Ginalina collaborates with a whole family of acclaimed musicians including producers: Mario Vaira and Adam Thomas ( both also Juno nominated).

    Home is Family Album
    Are you ready for apple pie and alligator stew, cleaning the house and going to the zoo?
    This home-inspired Ginalina Music will warm and delight you as you play, laugh, and create family memories to last a lifetime!

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