• Canada Map Book 2 - Activity Book - Grades 3-4

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    Canada Map Book 2 Grade 3 - 4 by Apple Press (Revised) by George Quinn

    This Reproducible activity book contains a variety of maps of Canada. It is designed to help students at a grade 3 to 4 reading level master basic map skills while gaining a better understanding of Canada's Geography.

    All 34 student-based activities, arranged in increasing levels of difficulty, develop these map- skills: recognize shapes, interpret symbols, calculate position and direction, use scale and identify basic landforms and bodies of water. The activities on pages 28 to 35 apply and reinforce these skills. An answer guide is provided on pages 38- 39. The Main objectives for each activity are listed on page 40. Use or adapt the quiz on page 37 to assess your students' mastery of the stated skills. As with learning most thinking skills, map skills are best developed when taught systematically, on a regular basis, and in a context that is familiar to the learner.

    To complete many of the activities, students will need to refer to a simple atlas or wall map of Canada. If such resources are not available, have them use the colourful map of Canada on the cover of this book. The map shows major lakes, rivers and islands. It also shows the size, shape and relative position, as well as the flags, of Canada's provinces and territories including their capitals and major urban areas. The special language needed to 'read' a map is summarized in the scroll on the back cover.

    40 Page, Paperback Workbook

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