• Ancient Civilizations & The Bible

  • Why buy the Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Essentials Pack?

    All you need to “open and go” is included:

    • Quick Start Guide to help you easily navigate through the 4-Phase structure;
    • Basic Lesson Plan to give you confidence for each week’s activities;
    • Teacher Guide to provide helpful background information, suggested resources, motivating suggestions, and much more;
    • Student Manual to introduce each era, offer multiple topics for further exploration, encourage hands-on participation, and invite creative expression;
    • Rubrics Set to help student know what is expected, and to help parent/teacher evaluate the student’s creative work (qualitative assessment);
    • Test Kit to allow students to demonstrate what they’ve learned (quantitative assessment).

    For value-conscious homeschoolers, save money and time by purchasing Essentials Pack rather than each individual item. Ensure that students use a curriculum that includes Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic activities. (If students like audio products, they would also enjoy True Tales Vol 1 and Digging Deeper Vol 1.)

    List of Chapters

    • Unit One: Creation & The Flood
    • Unit Two: The Rise of Civilizations
    • Unit Three: Egypt & The Exodus
    • Unit Four: The Children of Israel
    • Unit Five: Assyria & Babylon
    • Unit Six: The Persians & Medes
    • Unit Seven: Greece & The Hellenists
    • Unit Eight: The Rise of Rome
    • Unit Nine: Jesus Christ, Immanuel

    True Tales Vol 1 CD Set: Ancient Civilizations & The Bible

    • Presented in a storyteller’s enthusiastic manner
    • Tells the story of history through biographies of fascinating people, and descriptions of incredible events
    • Perfect for the auditory learner
    • Great for road trips
    Digging Deeper Vol 1 CD Set: Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
    • Investigate: Noah's Ark, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the coming of Christ, and the significant events around each
    • In-depth study of each topic answering the hard questions of history
    • Meet people like: Herod the Great, Augustus Caesar, and the Shepherds of Bethlehem

    Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Elementary Activity Book

    • Wonderful tool to help children learn about God's faithfulness in history
    • Activities at their own level
    • Provides multiple options to learn including: coloring pages, mazes, crafts, science experiments, puzzles, and more!
    • Adaptable and enjoyable for younger children.

    Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Test Booklet

    • Two-page test for each unit in the front section—answers provided in the back
    • Objective evaluation of material learned in Phase 1, including Key Concepts
    • Helpful extra to assess student's understanding

    Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Lesson Planner

    Just Released!
    • Daily lesson plans—easily coordinates material from Teacher Guide, Student Manual, and audio CDs
    • Offers daily lesson plans to integrate elementary students, using material from Elementary Activity book
    • Provides the structure for your family to enjoy a One-Room schoolhouse experience!
    “Make It Simple” feature for those who need fewer choices sometimes.
    Several options to choose from.  Click the drop down button below to make your selection.
  • $11.95

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  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible
  • Ancient Civilizations & The Bible

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