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Math curriculum is not included in the curriculum picks due to the diverse learning styles and levels of students.  We suggest you dialogue with your contact teacher if you are unsure which math curriculum to choose.

We have created Curriculum Picks Checklists for each grade level.  Click the links below for the grade level you need.  Then you can print the list for easy reference! 

Please note:  These lists are "in progress."  New items may be added and some items will change.  These lists will be complete when this note has been removed.  Thank you for your patience!

Kindergarten          Grade 1               Grade 2                Grade 3               Grade 4

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*** Note to Parents of Children entering Grade 1***

If you used the Kindergarten Curriculum Picks this year, with Come Sit By Me Vol. 2, then you will want to use the Kindergarten list again, as the Volumes 1 and 2 have been switched to fit the new learning outcomes better. 

These Curriculum Picks were created with HCOS families in mind, however families from other DL schools are welcome to use them.  If you are a DL school staff member, and would like us to develop lists specific to your school, please contact Deb at