Concerned About Sending Your Kids Back to School?

We are here to help!!!  We've created a PLAN B just for you.  You can keep your kids at home and successfully educate them this 20/21 academic year!  Click the button below for our lists of recommended items per grade, to cover learning outcomes for the next academic year.  You've got this!  And we are here to support you.

I've got this! Show me PLAN B!

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Discovering Who I Am In Christ
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Discovering Our Amazing God
From $21.95 $29.95
Discovering Our Amazing GodDeeper Roots Publications
In stock, 18 units
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Discovering Christlike Habits
From $21.95 $29.95
Discovering Christlike HabitsDeeper Roots Publications
In stock, 10 units
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Paige Torn
Save $10.95
Paige Rewritten
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The Embittered Ruby
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All That Glitters
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